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Our History

The Preethi Group had its humble beginning in the year 1959, when four brothers Mr.Thammannan, Mr.Puttusamy, Mr.N.Rajappa&Dr.Krishnamoorthy started with a Humble beginning with the help of mother earth as agricultural farmers.

Since then they have diversified into various fields like, Hospitalty, Health care, Manufactring of Tea and essential Oils, Distribution, Horticulture. The core and the greatest strength of the business being the family bond.

Today the family runs various business in the names of Hotel Preethi Palace, Hotel Preethi Classic Towers, Preethi veg Restaurant, Preethi Classic Restaurant, Preethi Tea Industries, Banacombai Tea Plantations, Preethi Farms, Preethi Distributors, Preethi warehousers, Preethi Traders, Hotel Preethi International, Ashwini Pediatric and surgical care, Trinethra Eye Hospital.

The family has a multitude of Businessman, Doctos& Farmers.

The Business are now run by the sons who are well educated in Indian and Abroad.Mr.Arvind, Mr.Krishnaraj, Mr.Pradeep&Mr.Prajwal contribute tremendously towards the growth and welfare of the Business. Each of them have a personal involvement in the day to day operations of the businesses.

The family corporate identity was formed in the year 1987 and most of the business were brought under the brand Preethi named after Dr.Preethi.

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