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Visas :

Bring your family & friends through SATA with easy documentation and at affordable prices. Tourist visa for 30 Days & 90 Days and Visit Visa for 90 Days also available. .

► Easy Documentation

► No Deposit

► Quick Visa Issuance

► Medical Insurance Is Provided

► Special assistance given on arrival & departure for visitors

Important Note:

Terms & Conditions

Before applying for visa kindly check for the restricted nationality, age and gender at 04-5164444.

Types Of VISAs

Visa Type

► Transit Visa (14 Days)

► Visit Visa (30 Days)

► Long Term Stay (85 Days)

► Transit Visa (96 Hours)

Visitor Details

Name of visitor (as per passport)


Sex of applicant

Passport No.

Date of Issue

Valid Until

Place of Issue

Date of Birth

Guarantor Details



Passport No.

Date of Issue

Valid Until

Place of Issue

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Local Residency No.

Valid Until

Relation Of visitor

Employer Details

Deposit Amount

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I/We acknowledgement and accept the Terms and conditions

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Visa fee once paid to Indianspiceroute is non refundable.
Partially used ticket will not be refunded.
Indianspiceroute visa holder must be arrive/depart from Sharjah Airport only Guarantee deposit amount will not be refunded, one year after the date of receipt.
Guarantor must buy return ticket along with visa from Indianspiceroute Only After the issuance of visa from Indianspiceroute, Should there be any cancellation request by guarantor, he / she should write an application requesting for cancellation of issued visa and will be charged AED 50/- as a cancellation fee.
Upon arrival at Dubai Airport, original passport and visa will be retained and photocopy of both documents will be given to the passenger.


I, the undersigned, do hereby undertake full responsibility for Mr/Mrs………………………………… Who is coming on tourist/ Visit visa sponsored by SATA, that he/ she will leave the country within the legal permitted number of days from the date of his/her arrival. In the event of defaulting this condition I shall forfeit the guarantee deposit and bear all the legal consequences.
I shall be solely responsible for his/her travel, accommodation, food and any fine that may be imposed by the authorities and any other expenses. I shall be held responsible for all his/her actions and activities during his/her stay in the UAE. Indianspiceroute Travel Agency has the right to take the legal action against me if his/her activities are deemed prejudicial to its interest or public interest.